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Lakehead University Alumni Collection

St. Joseph's General Hospital Nurses' Alumni Graduates 1907-1970.pdf

Material kept by the Lakehead University Alumni Association, or donated by Alumni to the Association.

Silver Islet Collection


Photographs of Silver Islet and the Silver Islet Mine, between 1870 and 1884. Collection General-38.

General Archives


Archival records that don't belong to another listed collection.

Lakehead University Collection


Photographs from Lakehead University's history: people, events, and campus.

Finlandia Club Collection

Finlandia Club Collection Mg3 Box #2,  XIII8 001.jpg

Photographs from the Finlandia Club Collection. This collection consists of formal, studio portraits of Finnish immigrants and Finnish-Canadians in…

Oscar Styffe Collection

Oscar Styffe Mg7, G, 1 001.jpg

Photographs from the Oscar Styffe fonds.

Thunder Bay Finnish Canadian Historical Society Collection


Photographs collected by the Thunder Bay Finnish Canadian Historical Society from a wide range of collectors, documenting Finnish immigration to and…