Ken Armson fonds


Ken Armson fonds




A collection of thousands of photographic slides depicting Ken Armson's work in the field of forestry, 1952-1995.


Ken Armson




These images have been digitized and shared on this site with permission. Most are still under copyright.

Collection Items

Douglas Fir, 350 years old
Fire origin Douglas fir, 350yrs, Dbh 140cm.,Ht.61m

Natural Regeneration of Pine
Natural regeneration of pine in Ceanothus bushes, SE Oregon Weyerhaeuser Tree Farm. N.B. Ceanothus fixes Nitrogen.

Open Growth Ponderosa Pine with Sage Brush
Open grown ponderosa pine with sage brush, nr. Vernon, Okanogan Valley.

Alpine Meadow on Mt. Ranier
Alpine meadow on Mt. Rainier

General View of Fire Origin Forest of Douglas Fir
General view of fire origin forest of D.fir, Site Index 170(ft.)

Fire Origin Douglas Fir
Fire origin Douglas fir, 95 yrs.old, Dbh76cm; Site Index 150(ft.). Located in Alsea area.

Forestry Commission Information Centre
Information Centre (Trailer) at Lyndhurst Campsite, New Forest

The forest at New Forest
Depiction of a patchy landscape with a forest stand and grasslands

Forest with Lyndhurst in distance, New Forest
Focal view of a local pine species along with grasslands and forest stands at New Forest

Map of Finland
Map of Finland locations visited
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