Finnish Labour Temple Community Collection


Finnish Labour Temple Community Collection


Photographs and video submitted by community members, reflecting many years of the Finnish Labour Temple's role in the Thunder Bay Community.

Collection Items

Labour Temple interior flags
Canadian and Finnish flags, and Finlandia Club sign. Interior of the Labour Temple.

Gallinger couple on the Labour Temple steps
Newly married couple Gallinger, posed on the steps of the Labour Temple, where their reception was held.

Gallinger wedding reception, Labour Temple interior
A wedding reception being held in the hall of the Labour Temple, July 2012.

Gallinger Wedding Reception, Labour Temple Interior
Display at the back of the Labour Temple hall for the Gallinger wedding. Shows renovations occurring at the same time.

Labour Temple exterior, with Hoito Restaurant sign
Exterior photograph of the Labour Temple with front steps, sign advertising Hoito Co-Operative Restaurant

Labour Temple exterior, after the fire
Front facade of Finnish Labour Temple, shortly after the fire in 2021, showing fire damage and significant ice from fire-fighting. Black & white.

Labour Temple under renovations, December 2021
Renovation and conversion of the Labour Temple building into condos, December 14, 2021. Taken in the afternoon, a week before the fire. Photograph focuses on the south-east side of the building.

Labour Temple under renovations, December 2021
Finnish Labour Temple undergoing renovations and conversion into condos, December 14, 2021. Photograph is taken in the afternoon from the south, and depicts both the front facade and the south-east side. Workers and equipment are also visible.

Oulainen Choir of Finland, on front steps of Labour Temple above Hoito Restaurant, 2010
"And so the memories of the Finlandia Club continue. This is a photo of the Oulainen Choir of Finland on their tour in 2010. We had just finished a wonderful breakfast at the Hoito. A couple of the girls had relatives here. We were all moved to…
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