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Photograph of the Lappe Lutheran Church. In 1918, the first plans for building a church were discussed in Lappe, a small, mostly Finnish community northwest of Port Arthur. June 1921, the church building was completed and the first summer festival…

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Coloured photograph of the Otava male choir. The choir was originally organized in 1938 by Finnish Vice-Consul Kosti Koivukoski as a mixed choir and was to be a Finnish cultural, politically neutral organization. Concerts and other performances held…

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Black and white photograph of a group of men 32 miles west of Port Arthur. Caption: short course in Finnish community, Thunder Bay district.

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Short film "Our Nordic Legacy" consisting of interviews and discussions of people in the Thunder Bay area of nordic (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish) descent. Discusses immigration, labour, craft, and sport, including skiing. Produced by Jim…

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