Gays of Thunder Bay Magazine July 1980 Cover

This Queer History of Thunder Bay explores some of the organizations that supported the community and brought change to the lives of LGBTQ+ people in the region. Based on records from the David Belrose Fonds, this exhibit highlights the Gays of Thunder Bay, the AIDS Council of Thunder Bay, Northwest Connections, Out and About, CTEACH, and Thunder Pride. 

Through these documents, you can learn about what the queer community did to help each other and advance the rights of queer people in the region and in the country. It is through their contributions—among countless others—that we are where we are at today. 

It is also important to note that this exhibit has a focus on queer men's organizations due to the source material, and what could be safely and respectfully shared on the internet. Efforts were made to be as thoughtful as possible in the creation of this exhibit and feedback is always welcome. 

This exhibit was developed by Jonah Anderson, a student in the Public History program at Lakehead University, with the support and guidance of Dr. C.N. Hatton and Ms. Sara Janes.