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A Klondike photographer : capturing Gold Rush images


On August 16, 1896, gold was discovered at Bonanza Creek in northwest Canada, launching the 1897-99 Klondike Gold Rush. Word of the discovery did not reach beyond the area until the miners started returning with large amounts of gold. 

Beginning in 1897 tens of thousands of hopeful adventurers from all over the globe and all walks of life set out for the Klondike goldfields. Most had no idea where they were going or what they would face along the way. All they knew was based on the tales of returning miners and the steamers' cargoes filled with gold. The media encouraged the dream. Stories of ordinary people striking it rich in the north were in every headline from Seattle to San Franciso. 

Several commercial photographers made the harrowing journey to the goldfields and set up studios in wagons or tents and captured this historic frenzy. Many of their photographs and albums are now housed in archives. 

One commercial photographer's album resides in the Lakehead University Archives. Henry Jacob (H.J.) Goetzman, an American from Rochester, N.Y., came to the Klondike in 1897 at the peak of the gold rush with his wife, Mary, and daughter Edith. Goetzman's studios operated until 1904 in various locations, beginning in a tent in Dawson City.

The images were taken between 1897 and 1905 by Goetzman and his wife with large format cameras. Photographs recorded the scenes of the journey from Seattle to Dawson, life, and events in Dawson and other settlements in the Yukon Territory. 

Goetzman sold prints, portraits, and released photo albums such as “Enroute to the Klondike Gold Fields", "Klondyke Souvenir" and "Souvenirs of Gold Commissioner's Office, 1898 - 1905 with views of Dawson City and the Goldfields."

Goetzman would inscribe negatives, often with titles, dates, negative numbers, and his name, and these inscriptions would appear in every print made. Inscriptions are a valuable resource in not only describing the images but also as a way of tracing his route through the Klondike goldfields.

This exhibit features 32 photographs of an album of 40. 

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A Queer History of Thunder Bay

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A Queer History of Thunder Bay explores the past work of six organizations that operated in Thunder Bay from the 1980s until the present. The exhibit begins with the Gays of Thunder Bay organization and concludes with Thunder Pride, which continues to operate today. 

Agora Magazine

Agora 1986-11.pdf

Agora was a monthly newsletter/magazine published by Lakehead University's faculty and staff, 1984-2011. It was published by the external relations office, and read by many in the university community. Preceded by LU Week

AIDS Committee of Thunder Bay


Newsletters of the AIDS Committee of Thunder Bay (later AIDS Thunder Bay), including event notices, news from the organization, medical and health updates, and more. 

Anishinaabemowik - Indigenous Languages Program Historical Documents


This includes Lakehead University Faculty of Education Indigenous language program documents dating back to the early 1970s.  These documents include program newsletters, program handbooks, yearbooks and promotional materials. 

Cairine Budner Sports Photographs


Cairine Budner was born on January 29, 1930, in Fort William, but grew up in Port Arthur, Ontario, now Thunder Bay. Growing up near the Finnish Labour Temple, Cairine was involved with the Finnish Athletic Club Nahjus and was passionately involved in the Finnish community. 

Cairine Budner was the past president and proud longtime member of the Thunder Bay Finnish Canadian Historical Society for 43 years.

Cairine was an avid supporter of sports. Especially supporting the Thunder Bay Gymnastics, where she eventually became a Head Judge.

Cairine was instrumental in documenting sports in Northwestern Ontario interviewing local sports teams and athletes, with summer students. Cairine's research contributed to 4 book publications on subjects such as Finnish Settlements, Culture, Business and Sports in the Thunder Bay area. 

Records were created, held or gathered by Cairine throughout her association with the Thunder Bay Finnish Canadian Historical Society, and other local heritage organizations and sports organizations.

This exhibit features 66 photographs of a collection of 311 items including photographs, writings, and a booklet.

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Construction of the Whalen Building


Photographs showing the construction of the Whalen Building, Port Arthur. 


1963 Spring Convocation.pdf

Programs for Lakehead University Convocations, 1965-2020.

Institute on Lake Superior Geology


The proceedings of the annual meetings of the Institute on Lake Superior Geology, held since 1955 in rotating locations in Ontario, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The proceedings are made available with the support of the Lakehead University Department of Geology. For more information see:

Ken Armson Forestry Photographs

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Exhibit showing Ken Armson's forestry photographs.