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Labour Temple Time Capsule


The time capsule retrieved from the Finnish Labour Temple and opened April 26, 2022. It had been placed in the cornerstone of the building on October 26, 1909.

Lakehead University Alumni Magazines

The Alumni Magazine Vol.1 No.1 - Sept 25,1968.pdf

Lakehead's Alumni Association Magazines. Alumni Magazine, Nor'Wester Magazine, Lakehead University Magazine, Lakehead University Alumni Magazine. Scanned copies covering 1968-1969, 1989-2007.

Lakehead University Through the Years


Photographs and documents showing Lakehead University through the years: how our university has grown, developed, and changed. 

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Lakehead University Week

LU Week_vol1no1.pdf

Lakehead University Week was an internal publication, created by Lakehead's Department of Information Services, from 1969-1974. Succeeded by Agora Magazine.

Northern Woman Journal

1975 Vol 2 No. 2 CV01.pdf

Published in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Northern Woman Journal (originally called Northern Woman) started in 1973 following the first annual Northern Women’s Conference in order to keep the conference attendees connected. Initially serving as a newsletter of events, local issues, and women’s resources, the Northern Woman Journal quickly became a diverse publication reaching national and international readers. Not only did it serve as a newsletter to keep local women up to date on feminist issues in Northwestern Ontario, but also as a safe space to discuss women’s resources, law, politics, economics, health, racism, sexism, homophobia, feminist organizing and activism, transnational feminist issues, poetry, feminist reading, feminist art, and women’s diverse lived experiences.One of the longest-running feminist periodicals in North America, the Northern Woman Journal reached its end in 1995.

Throughout its 22 years, the Northern Woman Journal was produced by its many collective members, with membership evolving year to year. For many years, the journal worked closely alongside and shared space with the Northern Women’s Centre and the Northern Women’s Bookstore. With the exception of a year-long government grant in the 1970s, the journal relied entirely on subscription fees and donations in order to maintain publishing, which presented challenges throughout its entire existence.

As stated in an early version of the editorial policy, “only by a free and open exchange of views and opinions will we develop a basis for unity which can be used as a basis for action.”

This exhibit has been supported by information and work contributed by the Northern Woman's Bookstore Collective and the Department of Women's Studies, Lakehead University.

Silver Islet


Photographs of the Silver Islet community and Silver Islet Mine, at the end of the nineteenth century. 

The Argus

Argus Vol.1 No.1 - Oct 14, 1966.pdf

Student Newspaper of Lakehead University. 1966-1969 and 1988-1992 are available so far. 

The Society of Directors of Municipal Recreation of Ontario - Newsletters


Newsletters of the Society of Directors of Municipal Recreation of Ontario. Donated as part of the Margaret Phillips fonds. 

Thunder Bay Finnish Canadian Historical Society Photographs


These images depict the social and cultural life of Finnish immigrants and Finnish-Canadians in Northwestern Ontario, from the late nineteenth century into the modern era. They are a sample of the vast and varied collection of records, photographs, manuscripts, books, artwork, and other materials gathered by the Thunder Bay Finnish Canadian Historical Society. 

This exhibit was developed in 2016 and is added to regularly.


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Thunder Gay Magazine


This magazine/newsletter was created by the Gays of Thunder Bay to keep the queer community informed of events relevant to their lives in Canada, Ontario, and Thunder Bay.