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Portrait of two women and a man holding the reins of a horse- drawn buggy and carriage
Photograph of a man wearing a bowler hat, holding the reins of the horse. One woman, not facing the camera is seated beside him and the other woman is in the back seat with a blanket across her knees. A kerosene lamp is attached to the front left…

Steamer “Nora” discharging cargo
Sepia-tone photograph of the steamer, Nora discharging cargo for U.S. army, at Eagle.

 “Old Man Rock” on the Yukon River
Sepia-toned photograph of Old Man Rock on the Yukon River. The rock is a natural feature below Dawson City. Caption: Goetzman Photo Dawson.

Ice cakes at Forty Mile<br /><br />
Sepia-toned photograph of ice cakes at Forty Mile. Captions on image: "Ice cake at Forty Mile, Y. Ter. 15 feet thick", "Photo by Goetzman Dawson, 1958

Forty Mile Town
Sepia-toned photograph of the waterfront of Forty Mile townsite on the Yukon River. Distant view of wooden buildings, boats onshore, and laundry blowing in the wind. Caption on image: "Forty Mile Town", "Goetzman Photo Dawson".

Ice on the bank of the Yukon below Dawson
Sepia-toned photograph of ice on the bank of the Yukon River. Two men are standing among a huge ice cake which could stand almost perpendicular

Dawson City
Sepia-tone photograph of men, women dressed in winter clothing. posing for the photograph in downtown Dawson City. Wooden buildings visible include J.P. McLennan Hardware and a Cafe. Sled dogs are sitting in the snow which is covering an otherwise…

 Moose hunter en route to Dawson on Klondike River
Sepia-tone photograph of a moose hunter en route to Dawson on Klondike River. The sleigh is pulling 1300 lbs of game .75 per pound wholesale. Captions on image: " Moose hunter en route to Dawson on Klondike River 1300 lbs of game .75 per pound…

Canadian Bank of Commerce. Klondike
Sepia-toned photograph of Canadian Bank of Commerce. The bank operated from a large brick building on the west side of Front and Princess Street. Staff outside the bank wearing winter clothing.

Scene at Bennett
Sepia-tone photograph of Bennett, British Columbia. The photograph of town buildings and walled tents are along shoreline, with several riverboats tied along creek and boat under construction at right, signs for Dawson
Hotel and Hotel Portland are…
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