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Group portrait of bankers and others outside the Canadian Bank of Commerce


Sepia-toned photograph of men, women, and a dog standing in front of a new brick Canadian Bank of Commerce building

Bank staff Canadian Bank of Commerce, Klondike


Sepia-toned photograph of male bank staff standing in front of the CanadianBank of Commerce. All the bankers are wearing fur jackets. A caption in the…

Bank staff, Dawson Dec. 1899


Sepia-toned photograph of a crowd of male bankers standing in front of the Canadian Bank of Commerce. Most of the bankers are dressed in fur. Caption…

Canadian Bank of Commerce, Dawson


Sepia-toned photograph of men in suits pose on the front porch of the log bank building. A shipment of crates loaded with gold dust is also on the…

Winter scene on Bonanza Creek


Sepia-toned photograph of an outdoor winter scene. Snow-covered spruce trees, person driving dog sleigh is stopped on a hill, dogs are lying in the…