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Cairine Budner Sports Photographs


Cairine Budner was born on January 29, 1930, in Fort William, but grew up in Port Arthur, Ontario, now Thunder Bay. Growing up near the Finnish Labour Temple, Cairine was involved with the Finnish Athletic Club Nahjus and was passionately involved in the Finnish community. 

Cairine Budner was the past president and proud longtime member of the Thunder Bay Finnish Canadian Historical Society for 43 years.

Cairine was an avid supporter of sports. Especially supporting the Thunder Bay Gymnastics, where she eventually became a Head Judge.

Cairine was instrumental in documenting sports in Northwestern Ontario interviewing local sports teams and athletes, with summer students. Cairine's research contributed to 4 book publications on subjects such as Finnish Settlements, Culture, Business and Sports in the Thunder Bay area. 

Records were created, held or gathered by Cairine throughout her association with the Thunder Bay Finnish Canadian Historical Society, and other local heritage organizations and sports organizations.

This exhibit features 66 photographs of a collection of 311 items including photographs, writings, and a booklet.

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