Finlandia Club Collection


Finlandia Club Collection


Photographs from the Finlandia Club Collection. This collection consists of formal, studio portraits of Finnish immigrants and Finnish-Canadians in the early 20th century.

Collection Items

Hoito Co-operative Restaurant cheque, December 18th, 1939 cheque no. 561
A colored Hoito Co-operative Restaurant (owned and operated by the boarders themselves) cheque made out to the People's Co-Op Ltd., December 18th, 1939. The amount was $54.12. The cheque was stamped by the Imperial Bank of Canada and a 3 cent stamp…

Family standing in front of a farm house
Black and white photograph of a family standing in front of a wooden framed house. Four children are in the photograph along with two women and two men

Labour Postcard
Finnish postcard, with a picture of a man and a sign on top of him entitled “Organised Slaves”.

Individuals arrested and charged with having in possession banned and prohibited literature Port Arthur, Ontario, October 9, 1919
Black and white photograph of individuals charged from the Finnish Organization of Canada ? back - from left to right: John Nelson, William Kojver, Karl Nyman; front from left to right: Andrew Pnananen, Mrs. Alle Kaivisto, Victor Seikkula

A gathering in front of the Finnish Labour Temple
Black and white photograph of a gathering in front of the Finnish Labour Temple, Tyokansa Newspaper and the Cooperative Trading Company buildings as they appeared circa 1915. Also visible in the photograph is a man standing on the balcony in front of…

Men and women on the steps of the Finn Hall, circa 1910
Black and white photograph of men and women on the steps of the Finn Hall. Some of the men in the group are carrying various musical instruments. Some children are also seated by the curb

Group photograph of possibly an Executive Committee of the Finlandia Club
A black and white photograph of thirteen men and twelve women seated and standing

Finnish participants in the 1912 Labour Day Celebrations
Group of men and women seated on a bench and standing in front of banners and a sign. Banner reads "Women Should Vote", sign reads "Organized Slaves". Back row, 4th or 5th from left are Aina and Otto Wilen.

Portrait of Alexander and Hilda Beck
A portrait studio photograph of Alexander Beck and Hilda Beck, pre 1940s.

Studio Portrait of Four Adults and One Baby.
Studio Portrait of four adults: three men, and one women; and one baby. Could potentially be siblings. Pre 1940
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