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Big Thunder Ski Jumping Centre and National Training Centre
Colour photograph of Steve Collins outside Big Thunder Ski Jumping Center. During the campaigning for the 1995 Ontario provincial election, Conservative Party leader Mike Harris deemed Big Thunder a "cash cow" as part of his Common Sense Revolution.…

Molson Cup at Big Thunder ski jumping competition
Steve Collins, professional ski jumper at the podium winning bronze at the 70 meter competition

Lee Johnson performing live at Stand Up Comedy Night at the Finlandia
Coloured photograph of Lee Johnson performing live on stage at the Finlandia Comedy Night. Issu's stage name was Issu Rautsalainen

Grand Festival Party Committee '98
Colour photograph of the Finnish Grand Festival Party Committee '98 Suurjuhlat Juhlakomitea. Caption: KUVA: Finn-Time TV

Kiikurit Finnish folk dance group
Colour photograph of the Kiikurit Finnish folk dance group performing on an outdoor stage

Otava male choir performing at Big Finn Hall
Coloured photograph of the Otava male choir. The choir was originally organized in 1938 by Finnish Vice-Consul Kosti Koivukoski as a mixed choir and was to be a Finnish cultural, politically neutral organization. Concerts and other performances held…

Kestitupa Cafeteria
Colour photograph of the Kestitupa Cafeteria, The "Kesti" provided home cooked meals on Bay Street. Restaurant sign reads: Suomalainen Itsepalelu Ravintola

Richard & Marleena Koskiniemi, owners of Finnish Bookstore/Kitchen Nook
Colour photograph of the owners of the Finnish Bookstore/Kitchen Nook: a family owned & operated business for over 65 years.

International Friendship Gardens, Finnish monument
Black and white photograph of the Finnish monument in the International Friendship Gardens. Originated by the Soroptimist International of Thunder Bay as a Centennial project, the unique monuments represent many ethnic groups in the Thunder Bay area.…

Tourist pagoda, oldest tourist bureau in Canada<br /><br />
Black and white photograph of the Tourist Pagoda, built in 1909. Situated not far from the waterfront, it attracted to the city the attention of tourists and the general public. In 1961, a clandestine group of people from the local Jaycees…
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